About Us

Fattah Trading Company (previously known as A&D Wholesale) is one of the oldest and largest candy, snack, and grocery distributors in the Midwest. We're full-fledged foodies with entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for the candy and snack industry. Credibility and trust is the glue of our business, and the foundational principle that allowed us to grow over the last 30 years. Since transitioning under new management in 2018, we've taken our business to the next level with a larger dream team, more facilities, and more passion than ever for the candy and snack industry!


We love the confectionary and snack industry a lot and work our butts off to make it better in every way. For example, we work with manufacturers to help handle access inventory by ensuring it's distributed safely and goes into the right secondary markets. By the same token, we help wholesale and retail clients who aren't large enough to work with master distributors, obtain candy and snack products for their price conscious customers. We play matchmakers every day and love what we do.



Stock 'n Save

We have our own 15,000 square foot retail channel.

Stock 'n Save is our retail channel on the west side of Chicago. It serves residents of the inner city who reside in neighborhoods with limited options for grocery stores. The retail operation is located at 4535 W. Armitage Avenue, just next door to our main warehouse facility. It's an super unique space with 35' vaulted ceilings and skylights! We carry a large variety of candy, snacks, beverages, and groceries at unbeatable prices. Make sure to check out Stock 'n Save website!