We're all about adding value to our strategic partners. 

Excess inventory can be a big inconvenience but it must be dealt with. Our manufacturers have two goals: maximize the revenue and ensure the product does not end up in the wrong hands. We're good at handling both. We offer our manufacturers the intangibles like A+ customer service and a peace of mind.

We’ve evolved into a major supplier to the smaller mom and pop retailers who are neglected by the larger distributors.
— Mo Fattah


Safe Product Distribution

We ensure closeout inventory is handled with utmost care and never goes back in the channel. FTC has evolved into a major supplier to the mom and pop stores, wagon jobbers, small convenience stores, and walk-in traffic who are neglected by the larger distributors.

Super Fast Pickups

We pick up product fast. Lightening speed fast. Our clients appreciate the pace with which we work. We're big on efficiency processes and make it a goal to help our clients achieve maximum efficiency.

Prepayment For Every Order

No terms are needed, ever. We're super easy to work with and handle all payments prior to product pick up. It's one of many things we do to ensure to avoid the hassle for our clients.


Large Buying Capacity

Our facilities have the capacity to handle 300+ trucks per month. Not too shabby, huh? Whether you have a truck load or 300 of them, we'll can handle it without any problems.

A+ Customer Service

Oh, the old intangibles. If only you could put a price on high level of communication, excellent execution, and a piece of mind. We offer all of these things at no extra cost to our partners.